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Data Privacy Services

The Data Project specialises in designing, supporting and auditing all aspects of data management for businesses.


Robust and effective data management is a core requirement for all businesses and since May 2018 this obligation was further re-inforced through the GDPR. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) expects all businesses operating in the UK to demonstrate compliance with DPA (2018).

The Data Project can help your business with its data privacy obligations. With experienced professionals, tried and tested structures and a tailored approach to each business' culture, our services are effective and affordable. 

Data Protection Officer

The Data Project offers DPO Services for businesses who require DPO functionality but may not have a dedicated or specialist internal resource.

Investor Due Diligence


The Data Project is able to efficiently deliver thorough audits and risk analysis, as well as proposing appropriate solutions to support investor due diligence projects. 

Policy and Process Services

As part of a demonstrating compliance, organisations are required to have a range of business policies. The Data Project can create, review or amend any policies.

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