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Education Services

The Data Project Education Service provides your business with focused training requirements easily and effectively. Courses educate best practice processes for PII handling, and can be tailored to reflect your business structures. Delivered via our online learning platform or through workshop sessions at your office, it allows all of your employees to be involved, whether they are based in the UK or overseas.


By taking the pressure off the DPO or Data lead, this solution means you can cover your in-house training needs without adding another set of responsibilities to your role. The Data Project can provide this strategic education experience seamlessly without distracting you and your team from your business priorities.

Introduction to Data Privacy

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The Introduction to Data Privacy course is key in fostering a data privacy culture within your organisation and helps to implement essential elements of the GDPR, such as understanding the principles of data processing, data subjects’ rights, understanding your business’ data security processes, and the notification and communication of data breaches.


Whilst these lead with best practice training points, the course is also tailored to reflect your business processes.

Training by Department

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Courses focusing on departmental specific content are also available including:


  • HR

  • Business Development / Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Marketing

  • IT

  • Operations and Logistic

  • Retails Sales teams.


These are also shaped to reflect your business processes.

Bespoke Courses

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We are happy to create bespoke courses for your business as needed.

Whether a business process, customer interaction tool, international protocols or any other handling of PII within your business, we can custom create training content for your teams. 

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