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Policy and Process Work


As part of a demonstrating compliance, organisations are required to have a range of business policies in place. These need to include and reflect a clear position and expectation regarding data management. The Data Project is able to create, review or amend any policies for either internal or external audiences. These may include IT, Fair Usage, Data Management, Subject Access Requests, Data Retention, Data Erasure, Data Breach and data inclusion pieces within a full range of departmental policies.

Processing Activity Records


Effective processes that balance your commercial activities with regulatory data compliance are key to success. To demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies, there needs to be documentation of activity. The Data Project has far reaching experience across industry verticals of regulatory application within the commercial setting. We can work with your business to provide, review, amend or update your data processing activity records for all of your organisational operations. 


Technical Organisational Processes

With our experience in handling data within technology structures, we can review and advise on the development of data management architecture to optimise data collection, access management, processing, and storage as well as ongoing best practice data hygiene processes. 

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