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Investor Due Diligence Service

All businesses are required to evidence compliance to DPA (2018) including demonstrating accountability, relevant policies and processes, sound agreements with 3rd party suppliers, risk assessments and a business culture where data management is by design.

When investing in a business, evaluating their data position is vital in assessing any risk as well as understanding their culture and commitment to best practises. Further, with the value of many businesses being based on the strength of its client or customer database, it is important for investors to have the confidence that the information was gained and maintained in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Data Project has considerable experience in the data compliance and commercial environment, across a wide variety of industries. We are able to efficiently deliver thorough audits and gap analyses, indicating where risk may lie, as well as proposing appropriate solutions delivering a defensible position for compliance whilst maintaining effective commercial processes.

Our suite of services for the investor community includes:

  • ​Audit and risk assessments

  • Data mapping and analysis

  • Policy & Process review

  • Reviewing 3rd party supplier assessments

  • Remedial activities

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